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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there toilet facilities on the tour vehicle?2019-12-12T11:45:42+00:00

There are no toilet facilities on our tour vehicles.

Is there Wi-Fi on the tour vehicles?2019-12-12T11:45:29+00:00

Yes, there is Wi-Fi on all our tour vehicles.

Are seats allocated on the tour vehicles?2019-12-12T11:45:19+00:00

Seats are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I bring my luggage on the tour vehicle?2019-12-12T11:44:57+00:00

There are luggage storage facilities on all our tour vehicles.

Do I need to bring a packed lunch?2019-12-12T11:44:44+00:00

There are catering facilities at all our main stops: Inisheer, Cliffs of Moher, Connemara National and Kylemore Abbey.

How long is the stop on Inisheer?2019-12-12T11:44:33+00:00

There is a 2 hour stop on Inisheer.

How long is the ferry crossing from Doolin to the Inisheer?2019-12-12T11:44:18+00:00

Ferry sailing is between 25 and 35 minutes long.

Does the ferry operate every day?2019-12-12T11:43:55+00:00

The ferry to the Aran Islands is subject to weather conditions, in the event that the ferry is not operating, all passengers will be informed prior to the tour departing and given 3 options:

  1. Transfer your tour to a later date.
  2. Cancel your tour and get a full refund.
  3. Do the alternative tour schedule as outlined by the driver / agent, prior to departure.
Do the tours operate in bad weather?2019-12-12T11:43:40+00:00

Yes, the tours operate every day.

When does the Connemara tour operate?2019-12-12T11:43:19+00:00

Daily from January to December.

When does the Cliffs of Moher tour operate?2019-12-12T11:43:09+00:00

Daily from January to December.

When does the Cliffs of Moher Explorer tour operate?2019-12-12T11:42:56+00:00

Daily from April to October.

When does the Aran Islands and Cliffs of Moher tour operate?2019-12-12T11:41:23+00:00

Daily from April to October.

Can I be dropped off at my accommodation provider post tour?2019-12-12T11:41:09+00:00

In Limerick and Ennis we can return you to your pick up location

In Galway, the tour terminates at our departure point on Merchants Road, outside the Kinlay Hostel.

Can I get picked up at my accommodation in Ennis?2019-12-12T11:40:52+00:00

Yes, a complete list of pick up locations, times and booking facility is available when you book on our website.

Can I get picked up at my accommodation in Limerick?2019-12-12T11:40:34+00:00

Yes, a complete list of pick up locations, times and booking facility is available when you book on our website.

How do I book a complementary pick up?2019-12-12T11:40:27+00:00

Contact our office on 0035391778778 with your booking number, the name and address of your accommodation provider and your room number to arrange pick up.

Can I get picked up at my accommodation in Galway?2019-12-12T11:39:49+00:00

Yes, we offer a complimentary pick up service from all hotels and registered accommodation providers within Galway City.

Is there a charge for parking?2019-12-12T11:39:32+00:00

Yes – there a charge for parking.

Do I need my ticket to board the tour vehicle?2019-12-12T11:39:01+00:00

All you need is your name and booking number.

What is the check in time?2019-12-12T11:38:56+00:00

Tour vehicles will be loading 15 minutes prior to departure.

Is there car parking at the departure point?2019-12-12T11:39:06+00:00

Galway – There is all day parking at the train station.

Limerick – There are parking facilities near to Arthurs Quay,

Ennis – There is parking at the Temple Gate Hotel.

Where do the tours depart from?2019-12-12T11:37:53+00:00

Galway tours – Merchants Road, Galway outside the Kinlay Hostel.

Limerick tours – Arthur’s Quay, Limerick.

Ennis tours – Temple Gate Hotel car park.

What is the charge for a late cancellation / amendment?2019-12-12T11:24:26+00:00

There is a full charge on all late cancellations and amendments.

Can I amend or cancel my booking?2019-12-12T11:24:14+00:00

You can amend / cancel your booking without charge up to 24 hours prior to the tour departure time.

What is the cancellation policy on tour bookings?2019-12-12T11:23:46+00:00

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all tour bookings.

Can I purchase tickets on the day of the tour?2019-12-12T11:23:32+00:00

You can purchase tickets from the driver / agent, subject to availability.

Do I have to book in advance?2019-12-12T11:21:41+00:00

We advise all intending passengers to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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