Marty is typical of so many Irish people whose ancestors left Ireland for a better life in America,

His father John, one of 14 children left Carna, Connemara for London in 1949 and arrived in Boston in 1956. Seven of his siblings also emigrated to Boston. 

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Marty’s mother Mary O Malley, from a family of seven daughters and one son, left Rosmuc a few miles down the road, in 1959. Her only brother Peter also emigrated to Boston.

Shortly after her arrival, Mary met John at an Irish Dance in Roxbury. The married, settled in Dorchester and had two sons Marty and John.

John, a construction labourer,  joined the Boston Labourers Union where his older brother Pat became a senior official.

When Marty left high school, he too decided to join the union, much to the disappointment of his father, who had little formal education and who wanted him to go to college.

Marty rose to become a top man in the union and studied at night in Boston College to get his degree.

In November 2017, Martin J Walshe (He is still Marty to us) was re-elected Mayor of Boston having served a very successful first four year term since January 2014.

Ireland is very proud of John and Mary, who came from such humble beginnings in Connemara, to have reared their son to become the First Citizen of Boston.

Sadly, John didn’t live to see his son elected as Mayor. He had passed away in June 2010.

Mary is hale and hearty and still lives in Dorchester. She and Marty return home every summer.

We travel through the parishes of Rosmuc and Carna everyday on our Connemara Day Tour.

We show you Marty’s native place. Our Driver Guides, John, Raymond and Micheal are his neighbours. All of us take great pride in Marty’s continuing achievements.

God bless America