Your tour will take you by boat to Inisheer (Inis Oírr) – the smallest of the three Aran Islands.

It is such an enchanting mythical Island, steeped in traditional culture and in the warmth of its islanders. Islanders who are respectful of nature as they survive on agriculture, fishing and seasonal tourism, they are a wonderful earthy people and so welcoming.

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The moment you step onto Inisheer you are embraced by a warm cloak of silence – a silence of stress-free tranquility. It is a rugged landscape of hand built limestone walls, quite mesmerising how these walls surround the small lush paddocks, protecting its soil, flora and fauna from the harsh atlantic winds.    

For such a small island you feel, see and hear more and more – the purest of air, a glistening beach, the ruins of a castle, a wonderful lighthouse, a shipwreck surrendered to the rocks, traditional irish music  – this island has myths and stories to tell and only an true islander can tell them.

Stiofán, an islander of generations, is a wonderful guide. With his pony and trap he takes you on a mythical magical story of the Island. You will be captured by the warmth and depth of Stiofán the ‘spiritual man’ and his storytelling. You will leave Inisheer touched but you will return!

Stiofán’s tour includes the Bronze Age Tomb, the Plassey shipwreck, St Kevin’s Chursh the patron Saint of Inisheer, O’Briens Castle, St Gobnaith’s Church, the Lighthouse and St Enda’s Holy Well.